Day Trading Penny Stocks Debuts!

Day Trading Penny Stocks hopes to teach the less savvy that they don’t have to feel left out of the online day trading investment game.

With Day Trading Penny Stocks, we will teach you how to watch key numbers and discern key patterns, and how to keep your cool and discipline as you work through the ebb and flow of successful day trading.

We will not tell you specific picks. The point is to teach you how to make these picks yourself. However, I do suggest you seek some regular professional guidance that you simply won’t find on a freely available website.

I suggest joining a day trading penny stocks newsletter, and initially watching the picks without picking. Study the practice of buying penny stocks and monitor the picks suggested by the newsletter for a few weeks before you act on them yourself.

Even the best, most reputable newsletters won’t score with every pick. You need to watch them and do your best to understand why those penny stocks were picked and why they succeeded or failed.

Many people like Michael Cohen’s legendary Doubling Stocks newsletter. It’s a newsletter that’s been running for decades — previously run by Mr. Cohen’s father — providing picks and market analysis. In recent months Mr. Cohen seems to have shifted towards heavier use of a sophisticated software application (dubbed “Marl the Stock Robot”) to help him make his picks. As a subscriber to the newsletter, you have the opportunity to buy the application from Mr. Cohen for your own use.

The Doubling Stocks Newsletter only charges a one-time fee for a lifetime membership, and if at any point during the first 60 days (eight full weeks), you decide it just isn’t for you, it’s easy to get a full refund.

Even if you’re just curious about day trading, I urge you to subscribe for at least a few weeks so you can see the picks and see the analysis that goes into them before you give it a go yourself. It is invaluable experience and it is this patient study which will separate those who succeed from those who will quit in frustration.

But keep in mind there is no easy answer or one single newsletter that you should trust for your stock trades. You really need to do your research and learn by watching the market for a while. Experience and research are some of the best tools in this business.