Evolving Through Penny Stock Epiphanies

As many of you who followed my blog have probably noticed, I never fully fleshed out this new site when I moved it to this new domain from my blogger blog. Did I just slack off? Well, maybe a little.

But the real reason for this was that I have undergone some intensive study of the penny stock industry in recent months and this has led me to create some fundamental changes in the way I approach trading penny stocks and the way I feel about the industry as a whole.

I feel like I have gone into the tunnel and will be coming back out the other side soon as a more informed investor. Those of you who followed my blog and still occasionally visit this new site will be the beneficiaries of my new knowledge. I will soon grow my site to include what I’ve learned as well as the new penny stock epiphanies I’ve experienced.

I will no longer promote certain associations as I once did, and I will instead attempt to provide more fundamental and specific teachings to help you on your way to penny stocks fortunes.

I still receive emails from many of you who benefited from my old penny stocks blog, and I really appreciate your support. I apologize for having temporarily abandoned this site and I hope to make it up to you in the coming months.

Thanks for visiting and please stay tuned for more on the nuances of the volatile game of day trading penny stocks.