Good Penny Stocks

If you want to find good penny stocks that will help you increase your profits you’ll need a couple of tools and you’ll need to do your own research to help you identify the best ones to buy, when to buy them and when to sell them. Unfortunately this isn’t an easy game and there is no single source that can or will provide you with good picks. It will take a combination of factors to help you find those good penny stocks.

There are a few tools that can help you watch and choose stocks. Penny stock software and newsletters are two good places to start. After you have done some research, take a look at my list of the online brokers and chosen one that will fit your need and skill level. Keep in mind you can’t simply let software or newsletters make all your decisions; you need to use them to help you make your own informed decisions. […]

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Stock Market Volatility Inspiring People to Learn Day Trading?

While this may not be the wisest development in Day Trading Penny Stocks, this is an interesting read in the Charlotte Observer.

Despite how much both our economy and our culture revolve around the financial market, it is interesting and disappointing that our education system features very little in the way of useful training for understanding how the stock market actually works. Too many people graduate from school without really knowing the basics of how our economy works. Programs of this type are at least a good beginning.

These days, luckily, if you have the interest and the motivation you can easily research and fill the gaps left by school. You can also find many tools to help you invest yourself, right from your own home. […]

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Evolving Through Penny Stock Epiphanies

As many of you who followed my blog probably noticed, I never fully fleshed out this new site when I moved here from my blogger blog. Did I just slack off? Well, maybe a little.

But the real reason for this was that I’ve undergone some intensive study of the penny stock industry in recent months that has led me to create some fundamental changes in the way I approach trading penny stocks and the way I feel about the industry. […]

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