Stock Market Volatility Inspiring People to Learn Day Trading?

I don’t think this is the wisest development in Day Trading Penny Stocks, but I read an interesting article in the Charlotte Observer. Check this out:

Interest in day trading, or buying and selling stocks within the same trading day to reap quick profits, has climbed 20 to 30 percent at the academy the past few weeks, staffers say – part of a growing number of amateur investors who are actively managing their own portfolios. Financial planners, however, say day trading is a high-risk strategy. They emphasize a far different approach: holding stocks for the long term, even when the market falls.

The stock market’s recent drop – 19 percent this month – has heightened many investors’ fears. But people who actively trade stocks see the recent roller-coaster swings in the market as an opportunity to salvage retirement accounts or even make a living.

This certainly looks like an interesting program. I sure wish I had such a program available to me in my youth. Despite how much our economy and culture revolve around the financial market, I find it odd and disappointing that our education system features so little in the way of comprehensive training for understanding the stock market.

Despite all the terrible market news, it is in fact a great time to strive for financial independence and the Internet is a powerful tool which you can choose let intimidate you or empower you. Whether you are looking for some extra cash or a method to generate passive income, the Web of today is your tool for the taking.

Investing in regular or penny stocks online has become easier and easier to do from your own home. Of course there are pros and cons to this, but if you educate yourself and choose the best online broker to fit your needs, one that offers tools to help you in your investing endeavors, you can empower yourself to make extra money or save for your retirement.

Programs like this are at least a great beginning.