Day Trading For A Living

When looking for information on how to day trade for a living you need to look beyond the strategies and promises of huge returns. Day trading can be a lucrative career for the right personality, with the right financial backing, and with the right life style. Can you make a living day trading? Of course you can. Should you choose this career for a living? That is a completely different question. It takes experience, knowledge, discipline and tremendous poise to really do day trading for a living.

It can be easy to fall in the trap of thinking life is about trading. But it’s important to be social with people outside of the day trading world. It will help you keep perspective on what the real world uses the financial markets for and why. I hope this new article opens your eyes to the intimidating but exciting world of day trading Continue reading

Stock Market Volatility Inspiring People to Learn Day Trading?

While this may not be the wisest development in Day Trading Penny Stocks, this is an interesting read in the Charlotte Observer.

Despite how much both our economy and our culture revolve around the financial market, it is interesting and disappointing that our education system features very little in the way of useful training for understanding how the stock market actually works. Too many people graduate from school without really knowing the basics of how our economy works. Programs of this type are at least a good beginning.

These days, luckily, if you have the interest and the motivation you can easily research and fill the gaps left by school. You can also find many tools to help you invest yourself, right from your own home. Continue reading