Best Online Brokers

Using this list and the brief descriptions of the best online brokers can help you find the right broker to fit your needs. Since Day Trading Penny Stocks focuses on independent trading of penny stocks, I emphasize brokers that provide cheap online trading. However, I will also provide some full service brokers (which usually cost a bit more) for comparison’s sake.

It’s important to note the broker you choose can have a big impact on your overall stock trading experience. Some brokers offer more services and tools while other brokers offer limited tools and services but cheaper trades. It’s good to evaluate all of these things as you are choosing the best online broker for your needs. For some people cheap trades are more important, and for others the services and tools are more important. It’s a very personal decision that can impact your profits in this market. Continue reading

Stock Market Volatility Inspiring People to Learn Day Trading?

While this may not be the wisest development in Day Trading Penny Stocks, this is an interesting read in the Charlotte Observer.

Despite how much both our economy and our culture revolve around the financial market, it is interesting and disappointing that our education system features very little in the way of useful training for understanding how the stock market actually works. Too many people graduate from school without really knowing the basics of how our economy works. Programs of this type are at least a good beginning.

These days, luckily, if you have the interest and the motivation you can easily research and fill the gaps left by school. You can also find many tools to help you invest yourself, right from your own home. Continue reading